First Annual Sunset Grille - Stein Hoist Competition - 2015


Lots of Fun tonight at our First Annual Stein Hoist Competition at the

Sunset Grille

sponsored by Sam Adams and featuring Octoberfest!

The girls started the night off and the tension was high.  I must say the girls were just as good as the guys.


There was some shaking and then some spillage as they clung tightly onto their steins determined to hold on.  But only one mighty victor was left and the competition continued.

The men took the stand next and put their stein forward to began their plight of hoisting that stein as long as they could.  Confident they had the girls beat.  But... they soon realized it was not as easy as they thought.  As their forearms began shaking and their elbows buckled and down went the stein. 

The finalists all made it over the 3 minute mark.  Which trust me... is quite an accomplishment.


The Grand Prize of $50 was won by a member of the Team UK!!! Second prize was a $25 Gift Certificate. Of Course a few of the lucky ones got to keep those cute hats.

Thanks everyone for cheering these brave Stein Hoisters on and to those of you who participated.  Cheers!


Keep watching for info on our Sam Adams Tap Takeover in September. Featuring some special edition batches... You will not find anywhere else.